IV Therapy At Home in Dubai

There’s no need to step out of the comfort of your home, hotel room, or place of business when you require IV infusion therapy.

IV Therapy Personalized Only For You

Each of us has different nutritional requirements and health goals. In order for you to feel your very best, our medical staff will assist you in locating and customizing the ideal IV Drip protocol.

Choose Your Drip

Choose the Drip that best meets your unique needs, or let our highly qualified medical professionals choose it for you.

Schedule An Appointment

Schedule an appointment via our booking page or book a drip concierge to visit your home, office or hotel.

Rapid Medical Consultation

Your medical history and vital signs will be examined by our qualified medical professionals.

Enjoy Your Drip

As you absorb up nutrients and electrolytes, you'll start to feel renewed and invigorated. Depending on the IV drip you select, the infusion process normally lasts 30 to 60 minutes.

Personalized IV Drip Nutrient Therapy

Wellness IV Drips / Recovery & Hangover IV DripsĀ 

Energy Drip

AED 599

NAD+ Drip 100Mg

AED 799

Hair Vitality Drip

AED 599

Beauty Drip/ Skin Glow

AED 599

Power Boost Drip

AED 599

Immune Boost Drip

AED 599

Anti- Stress Drip

AED 599

Fat Burner Drip

AED 599

After Party Drip

AED 599

Liver Detox Drip

AED 599

Jet Lag Drip

AED 599

Vitamin C

AED 199

Vitamin D

AED 199


AED 249

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